Event Services

Source Miami provides the planning, logistics, and management support and services required for the implementation of programs and events created by local or out-of-state firms including advertising agencies, marketing companies, PR firms, event design/ production groups and destination management companies in the South Florida market.

Our core team members are hands-on senior principals with decades of experience who actually do the work.

We do the ground work by providing you experienced and reliable local services.

You have the cost effective solution to produce a successful program from concept to implementation.

About Us

With over forty years of combined experience, an extensive network of contacts across all areas of expertise and offering a complete range of vertically integrated services from which to choose; we work closely with you in meeting your unique requirements and goals by tailoring and maximizing our pre to post production services to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring the successful implementation of your program and providing you the highest ROI.

Our business is you, our client, and your success is always ours.

Suzanne Pallot

Accomplished and vibrant event planner with a knack for creative event management solutions, Suzanne continues to provide clients with a broad range of resourceful services.

Louis Canales

One of South Florida's leading marketing strategists , Louis helped formulate the South Beach mystique and has a special talent for connecting people with the right resources.

Client Experience

We have experience with many Fortune 500 companies and we look forward to serving your needs.

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